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Soufiane Dramé, General director at M&S Universal Key

Welcome to M&S Universal Key

Business Consultant, Intermediary, Business Provider, Facilitator

We perform a complete analysis of the client's needs and collect information on all competitors to formulate an appropriate strategy.

Services that I provide to my Clients

Business consultant, intermediary, business provider, facilitator

M&S Universal Key s.r.o

Trader: In the trade (Trade) of agri-food goods between Europe and Africa in the trade of non-agri-food goods metals and raw maKers purchase of passenger vehicles or even heavy goods vehicles in transport projects real estate investment or even any type of Intermediate investment with amateur and/or professional football players looking for new clubs, with the collaboration of several agents approved by FIFA.

Interpreter/Translator: For the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Czech-Slovak, Soninké.

Upcoming service (future project): Personalized coaching for football players and/or other athletes

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Soufiane Dramé

I introduce myselfSoufiane Drame!

CEO of the company specialized in the raw materials import-export sector. I run a business that provides sourcing solutions to clients around the world, offering them quality products at competitive prices.

I am also a professional football player, currently playing for FK Teplice, a Czech first division club.


In my business I use my skills in communication in different languages, sales, and team management, as well as my passion for business. I work with partners and suppliers from different countries and cultures, adapting my strategy and my discourse to each context.

I also contribute to the training, mentoring and recruitment of young football talents, by providing them with my experience and know-how. I am motivated by challenges, opportunities, and results, and I seek to bring added value to every project and every organization.

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