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About Us

I introduce myselfSoufiane Drame!

I was born in France of Malian origin. I have been evolving for 7 years now as a professional footballer in the Czech Republic, during these years I have been able to make many new acquaintances with various people outside football who have inspired and pushed me today to create my COMPANY THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO OFFER SERVICES IN DIFFERENT FIELDS.


I have the ability to speak several languages such as French and Soninke (which are my native languages) I also speak English, Spanish, Czech fluently and I can read / write Arabic. Due to this ability to communicate in several different languages and my relationships with business leaders based in the Czech Republic, Poland and France, I decided to work as a courier, a business contributor more specifically in the trading of goods. agri-food and non-food between several countries in the enLer world.

In addition to that, I also take the opportunity to honor one of my qualities which is helpfulness while professionally helping market players to achieve their goal, also to get started in life. acLve which will help me after my career as a player which can end overnight because unfortunately a football career is never very long and can end without it being planned.

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